My impulse level is still 6 I tapped to newme. I’d like it to be 3.

No prob the bot tapped back. I:3 costs 75.75. Upgrade instant.

I had just made 350 from socialing for my last job so that left me plenty to get some eats and an avatar upgrade for a late wake of streaming.

I paid the extra 5.25 for the buffer because someone I met at the ravestream said impulse tweaks can be harsh. I settled back and flipped my tunecast to rando and waited for the DL. I zoned for a bit and when I got the ping that the upgrade was done, I checked my level. 4. Decent. At least enough to be noticed at the next stream.

The DL made me hungry so I ordered some extra eats and patched in. As soon as I got on Nance tagged me.

Check my levels I said.

I:4. Nice he said (Nance’s avatar was switched to male:gen this time, so I tweaked my endocrine taps until I got my rush.

I like to keep mine at 7/8 and focus on a lower inhibition he said. At 2 you get a tight pleasure perk.

I flipped through my regular peeps and scored 303 new for my social stack. When I got flat, I checked out some rando thought streams. I did 1 serotonin flush to keep me going on one I wanted to finish, and then just 2 melatonin dumps when I was done since 3 gives me a grog and I wanted to wake up clean.


Made 400 from jobbing and zoned on some deep streaming for the rest of the wake time. Found a rando old vid stream about jobbers from 100 years ago who used to do just one thing. Some were called lifecoach and some were called called therapist. They used make peeps feel stuff and talk about it and and write it down and talk to other peeps. Real cray.

I’m guessing that was before interfaces, hormone taps, and quantnet streams. Definitely before newme. I tried downloading a quicklearn about it but it was formatted all messy and took too much thinking. Even the real-experience flash slowed me down too much, so I wiped it to make room for more streaming. Like I said, cray.           


Only made 200 jobbing and spent the rest of my wake looking for more old rando streams. I tried to reset a few times but I couldn’t stop thinking about those old jobbers that used to talk to peeps. I tapped a few more deep streams and learned a bunch more cray.

The streams said peeps used to have only 1 job all the way through adulting and dying. I don’t know how anyone could stream just one thing from wake to wake. Of course, that was before streaming, so maybe they didn’t know anything else.


Don’t remember how much I jobbed today and didn’t order much eats all waking. Just been streaming all that cray about the old jobbers. Those peeps spent so much time with just one emote, and then moved on to another. What’s cray is they weren’t trying to tune them up or down but actually FEEL them. I mean, I know what impulse 8 is like and even got to a sad 5 once, but that was just a bad DL.

I read some cray about mindful-ness and breathing/meditation that used to make it easier to feel and even tweak their emotes by THINKING about them. I guess if you couldn’t get endocrine taps you’d have to do something so you wouldn’t go all shutdown.


Made 500 jobbing today but just stayed with 1 gig the whole wake. It was cray but felt pretty steady. I’ve also been ordering eats more regularly and starting to remember stuff I want to get again. I stopped looking for those old jobber streams and went back to my regular socialng. I’ve been hanging out more in streams without as much genswitching and I found I didn’t miss the rush much.

I ran into Nace again who was she this time, and it felt kinda nice to chat without me flipping for a rush.

Your levels are cray she said. You trying for new perks or something?

Nah I said. Just trying some rando wakes to see what it’s like

No way I could do that Nance said. That would make my wakes too spiky and I’m tuning for some primo perks

It was weird, but for some reason I wanted to tell her about the old jobber streams I’d been doing.

You ever think about NOT tweaking your levels? I asked.

You mean like keeping them flat?

No, like more rando


I dunno. Maybe to see what a rush from getting spiky is like

That’s cray. You’d shutdown sure

Nah, peeps used to do it all the time before streaming

No way

Before I could chat anymore, Nance flicked to another stream and was gone.      


Barely jobbing during my wakes and hardly ordering eats anymore. Can’t remember the last time I genswitched either. I’ve been doing a few dreamstreams and not much socialing but I keep running those old jobber streams. Sometimes I let myself go flat and stay there and see how long I can last without an endocrine flush.

Lately I get this cray thing where it feels like there’s a rando feed in my head even when I’m not streaming. I feel my breathing and notice my hurt. Little things in my unit look different but I don’t remember ordering any new decos for awhile. My levels are all spiky but I just felt flat, not like shutdown.


My levels have been all cray and all my wakes and sleeps feel the same. I haven’t been jobbing enough to get any upgrades so I spent a few wakes messing with my taps. Nothing’s working and I’m all spiky. A lot of hurts and I’m noticing all kinda stuff in my unit that makes me feel flat.

I tried getting off the thoughtstreams and tapped my usual socialfeeds. Nance tagged me again, this time as a he, so I genswitched. I got that rush again and it felt so good, but also not.

What’s up with your levels? he asked. You trying to shutdown?

Nah, just not jobbing much

What perks ya got?

None. Just been spiky and flat. Not too bad. You should try it

Nah, I’m all about leveling and perks

I WANT you to try it. And maybe stay genfixed for a few wakes with me

That’s cray. I gotta flip Nance said, and he left the stream.


Been jobbing regular again and my levels are back to normal. I haven’t been spiky in wakes. I tried tagging Nance a few times but s/he never pings back.

I’ve been thinking about tweaking my levels for a perk but I can’t decide which one. I’m streaming a little less now, though, and sometimes switch off the feed and lie in my unit for a while, letting myself feel the hurts just a little before I sleep.