Found a cray old vid stream that made me weird spikey. It was peeps with no bodcloth pushing and bending each other. They were loud pleasure noising which was weird since they didn’t tocin-endo dump.

Even more cray was how they kept getting their waste parts together. Call me sicko but it looked like their parts kind fit weirdish! The whole thing got me so spikey I had to tweak my levels just to end my wake.     


Couldn’t stop streaming between jobbing even though I had to constantly tweak just to stop the gag. What I can’t figure is why the peeps looked so cray. Sure they had different waste parts like everyone, but thier heads were covered in microwires or something. They also never genswitched, but just stayed fixed the whole time.      


Scanned some darkstreams and found some cray tech. Couldn’t pay for it norm so we had to do it in bod. It’s been a long time since I unsealed my cube and I wanted to swap quick and get solo.      


The tech interfaces with your waste part! Gaggy, but I didn’t pay 500 to not try it. It gave me the spikiest tocin-endo dump EVER. Also, something else came out that’s not waste, like the time I did during my medcheck when I was newer.     


Decided I didn’t like the tech and pinged the peep to get it. They came and swapped with no ask. Totally rando we bod touched. My waste part got all spikey and I got solo quick. Could hardly job the rest of the wake.


Stopped watching those cray streams and went back to normal tocin-endo dumps. Weirdish is that I sometimes think of that rando bodtouch and don’t get gaggy. Prob should get a medcheck soon.