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The Verdilak

“This really is the perfect home for a vampire,” Tristan said. He speared a succulent slice of beef and popped it in his mouth, savoring the bloom of rich wine and spices on his tongue. It wasn’t every day you got to dine in the estate of a Russian magus, and a rich one at that. 

“Except for the mirrors,” he added quickly between bites. “They would hate that.”

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The Serpent’s Fang

Tristan examined the charred beams of the two-story house. Black stone and burned timbers were all that remained of the small Norwegian village whose name he had already forgotten.

“What did you say did this?” he asked. “Some kind of dragon?”

“A linnorm,” the local magus named Leif corrected him.

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The Secret in the Woods

“That will not be necessary,” Tristan told the magi. “I can handle it myself.” Only after three days of mucking through the wet, cold woods of Vermont did he realize just how stupid and wrong he was.

It was the sort of thing Aurora would say. Tristan could see her now, lecturing him on the finer points of elemental magic, tilting her head so her copper curls fell to one side like sparks pouring from a forge.

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