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Restless Shadows

“It’s stale,” Corlwyn said with a grimace, sipping his cup of small beer. 

“Aye,” Violette answered, leaning her head on her hand. “There’s nothing left in this city for us.” She lazily sloshed a cup of wine mixed with herbs her gypsy mother had taught as a cure for a night of thievery and drink. 

“I meant my… but gods, you’re right,” Corlwyn said. “We’ve drunk this town to the lees. We could pilfer Portho’s storehouses again.”

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Fools of Fate

Violette spotted him the moment he entered the tavern. Even amongst the perfumed dandies and primped merchants, he stood out with his scarlet plumed hat. He was not unhandsome, and for a moment, Violette regretted that he had to die.

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The Masquerade

Corlwyn was astonished at how easy it had been to infiltrate the Comte’s ball—the seduction of a servant girl, the theft of a courtier’s signet ring, and a few coins to obtain a forged invitation.

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The Bazaar

Violette traveled for weeks through the dust-choked streets of ruined merchants cities until she reached the sorcerous city of Naga’dar. Passing beneath the windowless purple towers, she entered a maze of streets and buildings no sane mind could have built.

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