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The Horror Under the Hills

Jim Cole is the reason I turned in my detective badge to the Blue Bluffs police department. When you see a man die the way he did in a place no sane man should ever be, well, it’s enough horror to last a lifetime. 

I don’t care what Reyes or that shrink they sent from Dallas think happened that night. I know what I saw beneath that goddam hill. It’s only because I’m afraid someone will go looking for that place that I’m writing this at all. 

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What Dreams May Come

Jermyn entered the library and was shocked to see the slave girl. She sat beside Valdemar, her hands demurely in her lap. 

“It’s wonderful,” the magus said. “Ilyra has unlocked the fifth gate!”

“I thought we agreed that she would only be used to clear the way,” Jermyn said, fighting the bile rising in his throat. 

“And she has,” Valdemar said gleefully. “Only two gates remain. Two! Soon the secrets of the Forgotten Ones shall be ours!”    

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Sanguis Bibimus

“Was she wearing red lipstick?” Bill asked.

“I’m sorry?” the coroner said.

“The killer,” Bill said. “Henley said the girl that attacked him and murdered the others was wearing red lipstick.”  

“No lipstick, but…” The coroner paused and rubbed his receding hairline absently.


“Your boys put so many bullets in her that she bled clean out, sheriff,” the coroner said. “Except. Well, it’s the damnedest thing.”

“What is?”

“Not a drop in her body, except,” the coroner lowered his voice. “Except her lips. They’re as red as if she were still alive!”

Bill scratched his chin, taking in this bit of information. An uncomfortable silence fell between them broken only by the whirring of the ceiling fan.

“What else can you tell me about her?” Bill said at last.

“Long nails,” the coroner said. “Thick ones. A lot of dirt and skin under them, too.”


“From her victims.”

“Anything else?” Bill asked.

“That’s all we know so far,” the coroner shrugged. “I got my assistant working on her now.” 

Bill’s body stiffened. “You mean she ain’t on ice anymore?” he asked.

“Not right now,” the coroner said. “We’re just starting the—”

Suddenly, a terrible scream split the air. They rushed out of the coroner’s office and down the hallway to the exam room. Bill whipped out his revolver and burst through the door.

The coroner’s assistant lay on the floor, blood pooling around his body. Crouching in the window at the far end of the room was a white, vaguely feminine figure. It turned it’s hairless head and gazed at them with huge and fearful eyes. A pair of blood-red lips writhed in a ghastly imitation of a smile. Then it sprang through the window and vanished into the night.

“Shit,” Bill sighed, holstering his gun. “Not again.”

The Indian Girlfriend

I remember the exact moment everything went wrong. It was when Delbert looked me square in the eye and said, “No one can know.”

He shook his head back and forth to show that he meant it. Delbert’s what we used to call retarded when we were kids and before we knew any better. Everything is a big deal to him, whether he’s warning you about a wasp’s nest or showing you a bag of candy he got at Red’s.

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Robert paused for a moment before selecting YES. Of course, he knew it wouldn’t be as easy as clicking the right prompt. There was an endless chain of passcodes, encryption keys and engrams to reconfigure. Wiping your wife’s memory wasn’t easy.

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Fallen Aces

Distinctive markings. That’s how the English pilots described the biplane that had shot down six of their boys. What the hell did that mean, Henry Owens wondered? Aside from the blood-red triplane the French called le Petit Rouge, most of the German planes were the same drab greens and browns as the French and English.

Since joining the War three months ago, Henry had quickly distinguished himself as a flying ace. Though chastised by the British commanders for his recklessness, Henry delivered victories in spades and had never lost a pilot under his command. Thus, when he heard of this new German ace, he immediately volunteered to shoot him out of the sky.

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