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The Tangleroot

“I’m Willow,” the young rabbit said. “And this is Rowan. He’s not my brother, so don’t ask me if he is like everyone does. He may as well be, though, because he’s absolutely helpless without me. Always getting into trouble and needing to be rescued. Anyway, we have no one now and we both need a place to live.”

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The Brewer’s Apprentice

The young rabbit had arrived in Thistlewood during the year of the flood. Like many of the little bucks and does who had fled to the drier warrens in Heartwood, he was alone. They asked his name, but even though he didn’t look scared, he wouldn’t speak. He was thin and tall for his age so they named him Reed.

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What Lies Unused

“That was a naughty thing you did to Wort and Thistle,” Willow said, deftly pulling mint leaves from their stems. “They were scared half to death.” She dropped the leaves in the small bowl in Rose’s paws.

“They deserved it,” the young rabbit said defiantly.

“I’m sure they did,” she said. “But using what they fear against them. I wouldn’t have expected that of you.”

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